(Book Paperback) Lessons of the Game

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         The author takes the reader on a journey into the evolution of America’s modern day Gladiators. Within the pages of this fascinating no holds barred book, is an interesting psychological perspective on football that’s never been told before. The book is a thought provoking and insightful work that analyzes the behaviors of the nations most admired sports figures. The author takes the reader on a behind the scenes voyage into the personal lives of college and NFL players. The author gives the reader his theories, personal testimonies, as well as the accounts of events he witnessed as a player.

         The book is a learning manual for aspiring football players on all levels. This book gives detailed information on the necessary preparations a young player must make to be successful in the sport of football. The book discusses the very important mistakes young players should avoid while in this arena of professional sports. The author gives a complete break down of NFL contracts, schedules, and the important things aspiring players must know and prepare for at this level of professional football. The author gives very important tips on what it takes to make to the NFL. The author gives a very descriptive overall understanding of the business of college football and the NFL. The book is a very useful tool for those who lack the knowledge of the life that college and NFL players live. A very good read for all age groups, you won’t be disappointed.